Genuine Jewels Offering Jewelry for Latest Trends and Fashion

Genuine Jewels are the makers of bronze, silver and gold jewels with diamonds, stones and other crystals having years of expertise in jewelry designing and manufacturing at the same time. Jewelry has been a fascination for the human race from ancient times; it was the symbol to show of wealth. Now with time some more facts started to rule the jewelry wearing tradition. With cheaply available substitute for expensive metals, jewelry is part of the grooming routine of a person, to enhance and improve the look and project a certain personality.

Precious and semiprecious stones like amethyst, ruby, emerald, moon stone, opal, sapphire, topaz, garnet and aquamarine and so on are the varieties of stones we deal to design jewelry. The products are ranging from bangles, necklace, finger rings, bracelets, ear rings and studs, brooches and hair pins, tiara and the list goes on.

Emrald Jewelry

Jewel’s store across the world offer variety of jewelry made out of metals, stones and beads. The prices vary with the type of stone, bead or metal used to create it. The purity of precious metals is measured in Carat and K stands as the symbol for it. Normally the purest form of precious metals like gold, white gold is very soft, so an alloy with high percentage of the metal is used to give strength to the jewelry.

In ancient times the jewelry is made with hand, but today machines are used to create beautiful piece of jewelry. Still the charm of handmade jewelry is par competition. The tradition of giving precious metals in the form of jewelry, as dowry was an old tradition started by the kings and royal families to boast their wealth.

Jewelry is a hot favorite by women, but now even men wear jewelry to make a fashion statement and it’s not limited to only wearing the wedding band. The use of genuine jewelry has gone beyond the barrier of genders, men wear bracelets, chains, necklace, stud ear rings, hoop ear rings, cufflinks, buckles and the list goes on. Now each gender can have fun and fashion with ample varieties of jewelry and accessories to go with the jewelry are available.

Genuine Jewels have various designs and patterns depicting human emotions and the beauty of nature mould into the designs of jewelry. They are not simple ornaments you wear; they have the emotional value attached to you. Being a man or woman it’s your own choice that would make you definitely pick a piece of jewelry from us, as these motifs and patterns are awesome and irresistible.

Genuine White Gold JewelsMetals like gold and silver are bit expensive but are considered to be a onetime investment for future.  One can easily liquidate gold jewelry at times of need and it would serve as the best chosen option. Weddings are the best time to buy expensive gold and diamond jewelry for the daughter or sister, who is a bride-to-be. Except that any other occasion is as valuable to buy jewelry.

Normally silver jewelry are bit less expensive but they can create so much magic with the designs and patterns they project with changing moods of a person. For cheaper substitute to gold, even silver jewelry are coated with gold and can look as beautiful as the gold jewelry itself.

Custom made jewelry is the specialty with us. We believe in “Jewels are the dreams coming to reality for a person”, so a great importance is given to custom made jewelry where the customer chooses the design, pattern and the variety of stone or pearl used to create the piece. The process is very simple and gives more room to the customer to be part of the jewelry design exercise, as in to put the design according to his/her choice.

The shipment is available across the globe; after the payments are made the product is dispatched to the customer within no time. At Genuine Jewels, it’s our pleasure to offer you the best set of jewelry for any occasion you want. Buy a piece of jewelry either in gold, silver or bronze and we are sure that you would turn up again to buy another one for your loved ones, as we offer the unique kind of design and stylish motifs to dignify the look of the owner. You would get cheap bronze jewels to highly expensive diamond jewels according to your choice and price range. Every time you come back we would show a completely new set of designer jewelry that would leave you spellbound.