Gold Jewels

Bridal Gold JewelsGold is always considered as the most valuable form of jewelry. In the fast lane of fashion and modernization, gold jewels still carry their unique aura of elegance and beauty. Gold is preferably the best metal for creating long term jewelry that have a good value for liquidation. White gold and yellow gold both have a variety of designs and patterns at Genuine Jewels, which are gorgeous and attractive for men and women.

Gold has its own weight and texture to draw attention, so whatever is the color, gold jewelry has an old world charm that can never fade. No doubt plenty of affordable options are available with changing fashion, like silver jewels, bronze jewelry and an unlimited list of jewels to buy. But one must be careful while buying gold jewelry, proper marking and certification must be there for gold and diamond jewelry.

Being the most popular metal for jewelry making gold has a huge range of products including both fine gold jewelry as well as solid gold jewelry. Gold jewelry is marked with Karat that explains the content of gold in jewelry. Usually 9K, 10K and 14K gold jewelry is manufactured in most countries as beyond 14K it becomes too expensive for the consumers. 18K gold has 75% pure gold in it and the cost accordingly is very much justified.

Jewelry designs can vary from each other depending upon the target market. At Genuine jewels we have gold jewelry for men, women and kids in plenty of designs. The kids section has small pendants and motifs as well as bands and chains with cartoon characters and religious symbols. White as well as yellow gold is used to make these jewelry designs.

The men’s section at Genuine Jewels is a real sight to see, where each and every piece is unique in its own way. Solid as well as fine gold jewelry is available under the men’s collection. Men usually prefer simple bands or solitaire rings, as they don’t want to overdo jewelry and look feminine. Necklaces and chains are available in so many patterns for men along with pendants that are decent for a man’s appearance and looks. Basically after the finger rings, men prefer bracelets having a macho design with less stone detailing. In some cases the bracelets have engraved plates, reading a message or the wearers’ name on it. Gold cufflinks are the sure way to draw attention of others at a subtle level, without really doing anything.  Gold cufflinks with stones and diamonds as well as on their own make great fashion statements adding a sophisticated charm to your personality. Even a golden watch would do great for you; white gold would be the best bet for a watch.

Gold Jewel with PearlsEither a single color gold metal is used to create jewelry or both tones can run simultaneously adding a soft touch of mystery and beauty to the piece. Diamonds or any other precious and semiprecious stone can be used to design, rings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, hair pins and so on.

Gold rings with solitaire diamond or any precious stone are a huge favorite for wedding and engagements. On normal scenes you can buy variety of rings with or without stones or diamonds. Different patterns depicting random shapes and nice floral designs look wonderful with or without the sparkle of glittering stones.

Bangles and ladies bracelets in white or yellow gold are available in so many patterns, from the slim engraved bangles to the stone studded ones or the simple chained bracelet to trinket dangling pieces, all look awesome with any look and style you do. Even interlocking loops of both colored gold makes a really cool bracelet for you. It’s your choice that makes a difference as the jewels look beautiful only when you wear them, till then they are just lifeless pieces of art. When you put on gold jewelry, you feel confident and the jewelry gets the true attention.

Necklaces are usually rich with stones or diamonds, but at our store you will get pieces that create motifs having minimum numbers of stones, to enhance the beauty of gold but prevent overcrowding your real beauty. Solid gold and fine gold jewelry is the most preferable form of jewelry, as gold plated jewelry are not actually gold jewelry; they have a golden coat over them.