Silver Jewels

Silver jewels are being used along with gold jewelry from ancient times. Silver has become a timeless means for gorgeous jewelry designs around the world. Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder, so it hardly matters which metal you choose your jewelry to be. Your look depends on how well you carry off the clothes and jewelry you adorn and blend with your personality. Silver jewelry at Genuine Jewels, is class apart from today’s jewelry designs. Contemporary as well as traditional and nature inspired motifs are available for all age groups of men and women. Some pretty cute jewels for kids are also available, lucky charms, pendants, chains and ear rings are for the little angels, whereas your baby boy can sport a chain with a pendant to increase his adorability.

Silver JewelsSilver resembles the color of white gold and hence can deliberately used as a cheap substitute in jewelry making. Silver on its own is very malleable and too soft to withstand the pressure applied while shaping jewels. To increase its ductility, copper is used to create an alloy that is called as sterling silver. Silver is 92.5% by mass and copper is 7.5% in sterling silver and its known as the purest form of silver jewelry. Silver is easily affected by moisture and other environmental factors, so take care to protect the jewelry and store in a dry place. Time to time polishing with a muslin or 100% cotton cloth is very helpful to retain the shine and luster of the silver jewels.

Men’s section of Genuine Jewels is loaded with gold, silver and bronze jewelry in a vast range of patterns and styles that look hip and rich. Men tend to dress to make a style statement without overdoing anything, so the jewelry they choose also has the same effect on the audience. Bracelets, chains, bands, pendants and finger rings should not be flashy and spoil your look; you don’t have to look as though you have just stepped out of college at a business meeting or social get together. The best way is to know when to stop and understand how much is too much. Wear a beautiful set of silver cufflinks, a stylish watch and a bracelet with a single non glittering stone to get that perfect professional response from your colleagues and business associates. For men brand name matters the most apart from the looks, so why spend money on unreliable brands and get humiliated among your colleagues, rather buy jewels from our store and flaunt it with confidence. Silver complements a man’s personality than yellow gold. Hence, basic jewelry for men comes in silver or white gold to create a lasting impression.

Variety of chains and necklaces are also available for men but for work there are specific designs that maintain the exact look. With prior order, custom made silver jewelry is available as per the customers’ request and chosen design and pattern. Lovely silver wedding bands are available along with the rings collection that would turn heads at the wedding.silver jewels

As per the women’s section there is every item for any occasion, bangles, bracelets, rings, toe rings, body pierce, tiara, clutch and gloves everything shines with silver detailing and making the bride look like a true princess. For day to day wear simple silver and diamond or other stone studded jewelry is available in plenty. Each piece carries a distinct message and appeal, enhancing the beauty of the wearer. Choose jewelry as per the occasion, but silver being a versatile metal, clothes of any color would match pretty well with the jewels and create the wow effect. Traditional pieces of silver jewelry are preferred by some women who prefer jewelry that doesn’t look too flashy for them. Bracelets and necklaces can either be adorned with stones and diamonds or decorated with various motifs like the peacock feather or flowers, offering unlimited options for you.

Tiara for a bride is a once in a lifetime jewel, so it should look very cute and emphasize the feminine allure of the bride, but at the same moment take caution to not override her elegance. Else the very purpose of adorning jewelry would be completely robbed off.